Geomancy Mandala: almost done

This is great stuff. I wonder if it’s available somewhere as a print?

Wanderings in the Labyrinth


It’s perhaps ironic. No sooner do I put this project away for the day (or rather a few days) but I think of three more things I want to do to it. Of course. Proof once again that no piece of art is ever finished, but merely abandoned. This is the mandala of Geomancy, astrology and alchemy that I’ve been working on since mid-April or so. It’s a conflation of the sixteen signs of geomancy, the four elements, the fifteen fixed Behenian stars of medieval star lore, fifteen signs or emblems of alchemy, the Tree of Life, and a few other wrinkles. On the whole, I think it’s been a very successful project.

The whole project is visible above, and a couple of details are below.



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