Yes!!! A Thousand Times Yes!!!


A Scary Proposition…

As opposed to a scary preposition like, of. Because it’s not something that you can do to a cloud, which is how I learned prepositions in Grammar School. Or, elementary school, depending on where you grew up. Where I grew up, we called it Colfax Elementary, which in turn should tell you where I grew up.

Having digressed from the original point of this post, I submit to you the following: If I show my previous two 168 Project films here, and by extension elsewhere, free, will you in turn support my efforts to make what I’m currently calling 168 Project 2010 Edition??? You know where the donation button is, and furthermore, you should at this point, know who I am. If you don’t, then  you’re probably here for the first time. Which is ok, however, I need an indication that posting two short films based on Bible verses is:

  1. A good idea.
  2. Something you would pray about, and finally
  3. Something you would support.

I could easily put these up on iTunes, and charge 69 cents each, however, most probably wouldn’t bother to even seek them out. Did I mention that this year’s theme is, ”Hearing God?“ Probably not. What is God telling me to do? If you’ve read the previous entry, you know that I wasn’t going to make a 168 film this year, however, that plan changed pretty quickly….

So, leave a comment, and let me know what you’d like to do. And yes, I’m talking to you, my almost 3300 followers on Twitter 🙂

72 and sunny in Redondo Beach.

Please Retweet.


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Yet Another 168 Project Post….

I’ve done these here, and elsewhere, to the point of if you’re reading this, and you don’t know about either The 168 Project, the Blatant Self Promotion Tour or both, you haven’t been paying attention. Or you’ve been ignoring me, and I’m typing to myself, which of course, gets lonely. But as a Web Log got it’s start as a Journal, and was brought to prominence by no less than Doogie Howser MD, I feel that it doesn’t matter whether or not you read this. Well, it does, to me, actually.

It’s that time again, and I have a decision to make.

Several, actually.

One’s apparently been made for me, while I was composing this piece. I will be participating in The 168 Project again this year. I just found out that I’m wanted. Ok, so, in what capacity?

Althought you may not know this, I’m not an actor. I just play one on TV. No lie. A public access cable show that no one’s ever heard of gives me this distinction. It’s so obscure that it’s not even listed in the IMDb. But trust me, I was actually, the male lead of a large ensemble cast…. I have the unedited tapes in storage to prove it, if they haven’t decayed beyond repair….

To continue, the last two years I’ve written, directed, and produced a 168 Project film, as you may or may not already know. I haven’t taken the additional step of acting as well in the previous two, as I deemed it next to impossible to be juggling four things at once, as I’ve only ever been able to keep three balls in the air at any one time, although, my record for plate spinning is seven (!) However, I don’t perform that act anymore, as I’ve run out of plates….

This year, I’ve been approached to produce and direct something that will be written and acted by someone else. Which may give me the opportunity to act as well, as I’ll be freed of the actual creation of the short film script to be named later, as is the nature of the contest. And of course, the extra added attraction that I haven’t mentioned yet, is that I’ll be responsible for finding the funding for this movie that I will be producing. This is of course, the part of the post where I ask you to donate what you can, when you can, however, I’m putting a time limit on it this time of October 31st, as that’s when the cheapest entry fee expires. It takes about $5K to successfully compete for the top awards, and as you’ve seen by now, the donation button is on the upper left hand side.

I can only thank you in advance, and remind you that this isn’t about me.


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